Can PoseEditor allowed prefab files?

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I use UMotionPro and love it. Thanks for the great assets.

UMotionPro currently supports only fbx files imported into Unity  (I think it is identified by UnityEditor.ModelImporter)

Is this restriction of only fbx files mandatory? For example, is it technically possible to use UMotionPro for a prefab character created with a gltf file and a custom importer?


In Japan, there are many projects that use character models in vrm format using UniVRM ( This UniVRM is serialized in preflab format.(but it is very similer to fbx humanoid)

Many Japanese developers would be very happy if UMotionPro can apply PoseEditor to prelab as well.

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thank you very much for your support request and for your nice words.

The easiest way you can workaround this would be by using Unity's FBX exporter to create an FBX out of your VRM character prefab. Install Unity's FBX exporter via Unity's package manager (do not use the FBX exporter from the asset store as it is outdated). Then drag & drop the VRM character prefab into the Unity scene. Right click on the character (in the hierarchy view) and select "Export to FBX...". Adjust the settings to your needs and click on "Export". Then select the exported FBX file and adjust the import settings (shown in the inspector) to your needs (e.g. configure it as humanoid,...).

This should be the cleanest approach as you can now use the character in any game engine, are able to tweak it in any modeling application and if you want, you can use UMotion's FBX animation export which again makes the resulting animation also interchangeable between applications.

Please let me know if this works for you and if you have any follow-up questions.

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