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U-Motions with Unity Timeline problem

JL4R 3 years ago updated by Peter - Soxware Developer 3 years ago 1

I'm using u-motion Pro with Unity3D Timeline and I have a problem,

I need that the u-motion animations at Timeline to have the "Paylable Asset" options as in the originals animations I had.

The animations I export from U-motion doesn't have that "Paylable Asset" options.

Could you please let me know how can I export the U-animations for having the "Paylable Asset".


UMotion Version:
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Hi JL4R,

thank you very much for your support request.

I just did a quick test using Unity 2020.2. I've created a Unity timeline track and assigned the idle animation from the UMotion examples (this animation was exported from UMotion) to the timeline. Selecting the clip shows the following settings in the inspector:

What options are missing for you and in which exact situation?

Can you provide all the things I need to reproduce your exact problem (you can send me the files via the email support form or request a link to my Dropbox via said form if file size is too big)?

Thank you very much.

Best regards,