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Layers not exporting

Robert 4 years ago updated by Peter - Soxware Developer 4 years ago 5


I'm fairly sure this used to work fine in previous versions but when I'm trying to export my animation with an additive layer (not muted) then the exported .anim only has the base layer animation.

I saw one recent issue where layers were only exported if the based layer was selected which I've been doing just in case but still the exported .anim only has my base animation.

Any help much appreciated here,

Is there maybe an easy way to get older versions of UMotion Pro because my work is currently blocked by this bug?


- Robert

Layered seated pose

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hmmm, I just tried rolling back to the previous version of UMotion Pro I was using (1.22p05) which seems to have the same issue :/

I just tried making a new minimal project clip with a layer and when I export that then the layer seems to export ok, so it seems like the bug is somehow specific to my project attached above.

Ah, ok so it seems that it's additions to the pelvis (root) Local X and Y axis that don't seem to work - other additions seem to be ok I think

I think I get what I want from by modifying the import settings for the .anim afterwards to say to use the root transform that's baked into the pose and set the 'Based Upon' to 'Original'.

It could maybe be good if UMotion Pro let you affect the meta file that's generated for an exported .anim to be able to ensure certain import settings will get set.

Sorry that I think this probably isn't a bug after all!

Not a bug

Hi Robert,

you are right, the root motion settings in the exported *.anim clip's inspector are the cause of your issues.

Unfortunately, there isn't a "correct" default setting for the root motion import settings. Some use-cases would require the current default settings and some would require those you've been choosing. That's why I just keep Unity's default settings and let people decide for themselves.

Btw. when re-exporting your animation clip, the import settings are kept so you only have to do this once.

Please let me know in case you have any follow-up questions.

Best regards,