Imported Animation Eye Problem - Baked Root Trasform Rotation / position etch

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I'm using Umotion probably more than a year.

I'm collection various poses and animations processing with umotion and use them for reference then use in my game.

Anyway after 19 update I'm starting face with eyes problem. in most time just one eye how ever time to time I found two eyes (in female characters of Daz) rotation was skewed. I have to correcy by hand.

I believe it was about baked Root Transform Rotation

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thank you very much for your bug report.

I'm happy to hear that you are using UMotion since more than a year :-) Thanks for that.

May I ask you to send me everything I need to reproduce this issue on my PC (e.g. a model plus a UMotion project that show this issue in V1.19 but not in an older version of UMotion). Maybe also attach a screenshot where you highlight what's wrong with the eye. You can send me the files via the email support form.

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hmm my assets are large. I'll try to find a way to send you a package.

Reproduce with following.

Daz3d humanoid in unity transported via Blender FBX.

Some pose, having eye movement. Export clip with baked, then reimport baked 


It seems ik and fk spilit some how

"hmm my assets are large. I'll try to find a way to send you a package."

Please don't send all your assets, but only the things I need to reproduce your issue (e.g. the 3D model where this problem happens and the related UMotion project). You can even send the model without textures. That should be small enough to be sent via the email support form. If it's still bigger, I can send you a link to my Dropbox (contact me via the email support form in that case).

Regarding the eye, my best guess would be that the avatar configuration of your character might not be correct. Select your character model in the Unity project window. Then in the inspector click on "Configure..." and check if the left eye is configured correctly.

"It seems ik and fk spilit some how"

IK and FK are two separate skeletons. Use the FK / IK Blend channel to switch between the FK or IK skeleton: UMotion Pro - Inverse Kinematics

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