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Bug report Pose editor

Anonymous 4 years ago updated by Peter - Soxware Developer 4 years ago 1

Hi,i just want to report a bug. If you have the mesh on the pose editor, this will duplicate your  mesh while you play..It´s not a big deal, you just have to click the "clear button". But  is still a bug. 

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thank you very much for reaching out.

This duplication is intentional, it's how UMotion ensures that your character (and it's pose) can be restored after "clearing" the Pose Editor. You shouldn't notice the duplication though (UMotion should hide the original while you have your character assigned to the Pose Editor). Which leads me to the question, how you noticed the duplication (that might be an unintentional bug)? Furthermore UMotion should automatically clear the Pose Editor when entering play mode (is that not working for you?).

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