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Can i use unity ik after i made the animation?

Deava Utaba 4 years ago updated by Peter - Soxware Developer 4 years ago 3

Hello thi is especially important question for me because if i untic the IK in the unity animator it is fine but if i use other software like final ik just to handle the feets will it mess up anything? And also why this is happening?(Legs kind of just floating)

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thank you very much for your support request.

It looks like the UMotion *.anim exporter generates wrong Unity IK target values. Please ensure that the humanoid avatar is setup correctly (all bones are marked as green in the Unity avatar configurator and the character is in a good T-Stance). Also ensure that there is no weird scaling applied to your character and that it is a root GameObject in your scene. The Unity API used for generating the humanoid *.anim file doesn't play very well with situations like that.

An easy workaround would be to export your animation to *.FBX. Please ensure that you set "Write Mode" to "Update Existing File" so that you can export your animation into the *.FBX of your character. That ensures that Unity imports the animation with the correct humanoid avatar.

Under normal circumstances, UMotion should generate correct Unity IK targets and you are also free to use Unity IK at runtime.

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Peter i can not tell you how happy i am exporting to fbx seems to work just fine for me. I checked the avatar was all fine, the only scaling is from the imported character scaling no in scene scaling was applied. 
So this has to be my workflow from now on or it is like a one time bug ?

Thank you agan,

I would recommend using export to *.FBX as it provides you more options (you get access to the full range of animation import settings like animation compression etc.). Furthermore you can take the animation and re-use it in any 3d modeling application (or even a different engine).

Export to *.anim usually also works fine (but there are some rare edge cases like the one you had where the humanoid API can generates some weird results).

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