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Clicked Focus Camera and it destroyed my scene.

Visad 4 years ago updated by Peter - Soxware Developer 4 years ago 4

I just lost my entire project after clicking the Focus Camera button. It was an accidental click, didn't mean to and have lost my entire scene. All of the objects in my scene are centered around 0,0,0 in a circle, the scale that I have applied is missing and the scene is a jumble. I restored the scene from backup but this has had no effect. This has affected every item in the scene, including the vegetation studio rendering and my objects. This has literally in the space of 3 seconds apparently destroyed months worth of work? 

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It looks like this made a direct change to dozens of model (not prefabs) files that had nothing to do with the prefab I was working on (a door). The models it changed where all part of same pack, Synty Western. I noticed that items from other packs were not changed. I then went to the asset store and restored just the fbx model files for all of the assets in the pack. This reset the items in the scene back to the defaults as expected. This is a problematic bug that needs to be looked into. This makes me hesitant to use this in the future or even have it in my projects. 

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Hi Visad,
thank you very much for your bug report.

I did a few quick tests but from what I can tell "Focus Camera" seemed to work properly in my case. I also reviewed the code. It's a short method that does not write to any transform property (position/rotation or scale).

Can you backup your scene and check if this happens every time? I would like to further look into this, could you send me something where this can be reproduced on a small scale (e.g. a version of your project with only a hand full of objects, enough to see the effect you've mentioned) via the email support form (you can request a link to my Dropbox if file size is too big)? Maybe you have some other assets/scripts in your project that have been indirectly triggered?

The core principle of UMotion was that it only touches the GameObject currently assigned to the Pose Editor. UMotion duplicates that object so that it only works on a copy of it. Every time UMotion returns the ownership of that GameObject, it deletes the copy and shows the original GameObject again. So ultimately UMotion should never ever change anything else in your scene. I've never heard of a bug where UMotion did touch any other GameObject in the scene yet.

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I just tried to reproduce it and it didn't seem to do the same thing and centered on the object I was playing with. I am not sure if I had the same object selected or not, I was just fiddling with it really at the time. The town to the right in the shot below and all the surrounding rocks were affected, I believe it's more likely that the guide somehow attached itself to the object and then the scene reset when I clicked Focus Camera. After thinking about the items that were affected, these all had the option Read/Write enabled on the model properties and share a common material.

Not reproducible

Thanks for providing further information. Please let me know in case you find a way to reproduce this behavior, I'll be glad to further debug this.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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