Can't remove motion from some bones

kphipps 5 years ago updated by Peter - Soxware Developer 5 years ago 3

I'm trying to edit an animation for a character with a generic rig. I import the clip and the first thing I need to do is delete all keys after the first frame. Then I want to paste the keys from frame 0 to frame 30. But when I do this there is still movement happening on the model. I looked in the curve editor and some bones have rotations happening event though there are no keys between the first and last frame, and the last frame's keys are identical to the first.

I've also tried just keyframing all the bones on the last frame as there are no keyframes after the first, but the same thing happens. I just need the character in the pose from the first frame and then add some small movements to create a simple idle animation, but some parts of the original animation keep staying behind.

UMotion Version:
1.20p04 Professional Edition
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Hi kphipps,

thank you very much for your support request.

  1. Are you sure that you aren't having any key frames on other animation layers?
  2. What frame number is the "End" frame at (shown in the bottom bar of the Clip Editor). If this is non-zero that could mean that there is still a key on that position. To check this, click on the skip to end button (see screenshot):
  3. If all of that doesn't help, could you please send me all I need to reproduce this behavior on my PC:
  • The umotion project that shows this behavior
  • The related character (without textures if you want)
  • A detailed step-by-step guide how I can get this behavior with a fresh umotion project (please include everything I need to perform all the steps).

    Please export all of that either as a fresh Unity project (*.zip) or as a *.unitypackage. Then send it to me via the email support form (you can also request a link to my Dropbox via that support form if file size is too big).

Best regards,

The frames were 0 to 30. I had removed all keyframes except for at 0, then I was adding keyframes to the last frame (30), but was still getting remnants of the original animation. I don't think there were any other layers, but I don't have the version of the file anymore so I can't check.

From what you told me, I set it to be just 1 frame (0-1) and exported to FBX. Then I imported that into a new project and it no longer has the "left-over" animation.


Ok. If you get this issue again (on a different project), please send me the project (and all the related files as mentioned in my previous post) so that I can do further debugging. Thanks :-)

Best regards,