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Root motion isn't working when I export as fbx only .anim

Caitlin 8 months ago updated by Peter - Soxware Developer 8 months ago 1

I'm not having any luck getting the root motion to come across when I export as FBX. The animation is just happening in place not moving the character around.

It works fine as .anim but I need FBXs.

please help :)

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Hi Caitlin,
thank you very much for your support request.

Do you want to use your *.FBX animation as "generic" or as "humanoid"?

You need to tell Unity via the *.FBX import settings (shown in the Inspector when you have the *.FBX selected) how it should extract and generate root motion.

For generic, it's important that you define the "Root node" in the "Rig" tab and in the "Animation" tab under "Motion". For humanoid and generic, there are also the following settings shown under the "Animation" tab where it's important that "Bake Into Pose" is NOT ticked.

Also make sure that your character's Animator component has "Apply Root Motion" ticked.

Best regards,