Cannot set rotation offset

Anonymous 2 weeks ago updated 2 weeks ago 6

Image 1409

All i want to be able to do is type 270 in X in Rotation Offset. It is grayed out? Everything else would fall into place if i could just change that.

UMotion Version:
Unity Version:

UMotion Version:1.29p03

Unity Version:2022.3.28f1

Left: During creation

Right: After export

Image 1410

I was able to fix the rotation, but now this is the issue.

For whatever reason, you have to make the animation type Legacy instead of Humanoid for the Rig in Unity and then it works???

Image 1411

This won't work though because it is required to use Generic or Humanoid for the Animation Controller, fix?

Fixed that by creating a reference pose for frame 0 first. Now the T-Pose is correct for humanoid. This means every animation needs a frame 0 t-pose though.... Any way around this to optimize a bit?