Would a Godot version of this plugin be possible?

ThomasWindar 3 months ago updated 2 months ago 2

Hello - I know this is easily a gigantic ask, but I need to suggest it.

Lately the Godot engine is getting a bit more traction - and would it be possible to make a Umotion Pro plugin for Godot?

While the engine is free and has that philosophy to it - I would love to buy a paid Umotion Pro plugin for Godot.
Umotion is easily the best animation plugin when it comes to Unity - and it rivals many standalone animation tools - so it would be more than amazing to have such a powerful tool directly in Godot.

I understand it's a big ask - and I cannot tell how financially feasible this would be for you - but you'd have 1 guaranteed customer for it, is all I am saying. 

Someone already tried making some animation plugin and put it on - so you could technically have a store to sell it from for Godot users. 

Just putting the idea out there. I understand if this is too big a task to ask of you, but I had to suggest it.

Thank you for your time - your Umotion Pro is absolutely amazing. 

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Hi ThomasWindar,
thank you very much for your support request. Unfortunately, it's not possible to port UMotion to another game engine like Godot. UMotion depends completely on the Unity API and it would require a complete re-development to integrate UMotion into another game engine. We currently have no plans to port UMotion to another game engine, I'm sorry.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards,

Yeah - I expected it would not be an easy task.
Thanks for the reply though - your plugin is great.