Choppy animation in NES style?

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I would like to try creating that kind of choppy, low-number of frames animation in the style of NES and such. Do you have some suggestions on how to do it? I mean, how to place keyframes, maybe, and stuff, cause I'm just starting with animation and not very well-versed in it.

Thank you!

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Since this is more related to animation techniques rather than uMotion I figured I could answer it,

I can see two ways of achieving this effect, the first one would be to author your animations with *no* interpolation between keyframes (=constant). Basically, you design your animations as static poses and the rig will jump from pose to pose, with no movement between them. This can be easily done with uMotion ( I would suggest researching classic animation techniques, especially the concept of key poses, it's really interesting to learn how to create momentum and the illusion of movement with a few well designed static images. Animes are a good example of how to achieve movement with as few frames as possible! Ultimately, it also depends on the action you want to depict and the style of your animation.
Another solution would be to author your animations "normally", but to manually update the Animator so it only evaluates animations at a fixed rate. You would set a rate, say 0.08s and the Animator would update your rig 12 times per second (instead of evaluating it every frame). This will result in a choppy animation, but you will lose control over the important frames as the rate will be constant. This can be easily done but is more on the Unity scripting side.
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Oh my, thank you so much for helping me with so much info! I will definitely add it to my notes on game dev process and I will research more about key poses as you've suggested. Wealth of knowledge, so cool!

Take care, my friend!