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UMotionPro with Unity2019.3b4 rotation transfrom not allow you to select other bones.

Vilaskis Shalashev 5 years ago updated 1 year ago 4

In unity2019.3b4 was added new feature that allow you to rotate object around by hold LMB on any place of screen (not on gizmos only).

So cuz of that when you want to select other bones - you will rotate your current/last selected bones instead of bone that you want.

That not critical but annoying when you working with humanoid rig where are most of bones allow you to rotate transform only.

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Not a bug

thank you very much for reporting this issue.

Are you sure that this is a Unity feature, and not just a general bug of the rotation handle? I don't get how this feature works (looks more like a bug to me at the moment, as in some camera angles the rotation handle is larger than it is displayed).

Thank you very much.

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Oh alright, thanks! Will record and send video to Unity team for report issue

This issue happens to me also when UMotion is not involved (if you try to select a cube next to the rotation handle for example). In order to get this fixed as quickly as possible by Unity, you might want to send them a video/bug report that doesn't include any third-party assets (like UMotion).

Thank you for that, that definitively helps all of us Untiy devs :-)

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And nothing really changed after 3 years