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UMotion doesn't reflect latest prefab changes

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I close my UMotion project, enter in a prefab's editor and change child's transform properties, exit the prefab, open UMotion project again and the child has the correct changes, but then I set the pose editor gameobject and make sure that child has no keys, but UMotion keeps showing the child without the latest changes. If I export the clip and run the scene, the prefab child is correct. How to tell UMotion to refresh the latest prefab changes? Restarted UMotion windows and Unity to no avail.

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Had this issue once. Made some small mesh tweaks to an object after starting an animation but it would not reflect changes after continuing to animate in UMotion.

What worked for me was renaming the instance of the prefab/gameobject in the hierarchy tab and then reopening it in the UMotion Editor.

I think UMotion caches the object's properties somehow upon first import, so renaming any updated objects before re-importing will hopefully make it notice/update changes accordingly.

Not a bug

thank you very much for your support request.

When you assign a character to UMotion for the first time, UMotion takes the character's current pose and saves it as reference pose in the UMotion Project file. If you change rotation/positioning of parts of the object outside of UMotion and then come back to UMotion, UMotion displays the character using the same old reference pose. The reference pose is a UMotion's internal default pose. If the position or rotation of an object does not have a key frame in the current animation, UMotion simply fills the missing information with the reference pose.

When Unity plays an animation and it does not find key frames for certain parts of the character, Unity just uses the last pose the object had at that moment. So that is the reason why you see differences in UMotion and Unity.

In order to update the reference pose in UMotion to reflect your latest changes:

  1. Assign your character to the UMotion Pose Editor
  2. Switch to the "Config" Mode in the Pose Editor
  3. Click on Apply Scene Pose --> Apply All
  4. Click on Save Reference Pose

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Please let me know in case you have any follow-up questions.

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