Hips, Sitting and standing.

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When I try to set up the IK for Hips, my rig gets all messed up. Also when I try to do an adaptive layers, I cant check IK pinned for the feet.. Using an override layer and IK pinned for the feet, jacks the pose up and locks the feet to a different position. How can I set IK up for the hips so i can move the hips (Pelvis) bone up and down, rotate left and right and it moves accordantly. For example, if I move the hips down, it should bend the player at the knees. 

Please do not refer my to one of the outdated videos, Iv watched them all and they are terrible for a paid asset. please explain how to get what I am asking. Iv also search the questions here on the site, nothing with what im looking for.  

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Adaptive layers is meant to say Additive layers