export, losing frames

josh 1 year ago updated by Peter - Soxware Developer 1 year ago 4

So my export is losing frames ?

this animation was imported with the character and I was using Umotion to fix the knee bending to far at one point.
how ever as you can see in the video, she drops the starting spin. what am I missing ?

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Hi Josh,

thank you very much for your support request.

Maybe there is something wrong with your root motion settings (thus the root rotation is frozen). In the inspector window of your exported *.anim file, try playing with these settings and see if they change anything:

Image 1284

You could also try to let UMotion generate the root motion curves for you. Click on the settings (gear icon) and set the checkbox of the following:

Image 1285

Alternatively you could also try enabling the "Root Transform Rotation - Bake Into Pose".

If that doesn't help, you could also try to use the FBX export (instead of the *.anim export). Make sure to select your character's FBX file (or a duplicated version of it) as destination file.

Please let me know if any of the above solves your issue.

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lol I was getting more issues the the FBX, but I was not exporting to her file.

what takes more space 100+ anim files or one FBX with 100+ clips ?

but I was not exporting to her file.

You need to export into the FBX file of the character.

what takes more space 100+ anim files or one FBX with 100+ clips ?

FBX files are converted to Unity's *.anim format when Unity imports the FBX file. When you then build your game, only those *.anim files used in your game are going to be included. The size of which anim files take in your built game, is displayed at the bottom of the Inspector when you have the *.anim file selected.

Unity can compress animation data a bit better when it imports the animation data from FBX, so chances are exporting to FBX results in slightly smaller build size.

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