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FK to IK bake bug (IK handles will offset and bones do not follow)

Anonymous 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Hey Peter, GameDevDave here again,

So this happens a lot:

Image 1204

The animation type Humanoid/Generic does not matter, IK seems to flip out of sync, sometimes without a keyframe or curve to correct. 

It shows up in the export too.

It happens sometimes after baking FK to IK or when turning on pinning.

There are workarounds such as re-keying the frame or redoing a bake, there's no other way to go about it as far as I know and it is very time consuming.

Sometimes it 'does' show up in the keyframes, in the graph editor there will be extreme spikes, sometimes oddly enough multiple keyframes in a row, and they need to be fixed by dragging them up or down to fit the rest of the curve. 

How to solve this?

UMotion Version:
Unity Version:
Under review

thank you very much for reaching out.

Can you provide me a small repo-project with a short description of the exact steps needed to reproduce the issue? You can send the project to me via email support form.

Are you sure you haven't messed up with IK Pinning? E.g. IK Pinning enabled at one point but using keys that still store position/rotation values in local space or vice versa? This can happen rather easy when shifting keys around and not taking care what coordinate space the values are currently in.

Best regards,

In this case it happened right away after ik setup wizard and going back to pose mode, no keys on the ik either

Unfortunately every time you ask me for a repo project, I can't because of NDA and I simply do not have enough time 

I also fear that if I tweak the fbx to switch the model to reproduce it, it suddenly will work again 

I'm a prime victim of murphy's law .__. 

I'll see if I have some time later, thank you for linking me the email support form