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Weapon Offset when parented under right shoulder

ytGameDevDave 2 years ago updated by Peter - Soxware Developer 2 years ago 3

I needed a parent that would give me control over both hands, and continued to animate the gun object and its children using constraints. I ended up with the desired animation, but when exported, the gun oddly enough is offset halfway the animation. 

It's another one of those things that feels like it defies all logic. 

Is there a way to change the parent of the gun to the right hand and keep the animation intact? 

When things are parented to the hands, I guess things work better. I did not have this problem with another reload animation and the gun was parented to the hand there.

This was a hassle but doable since I was still in the blockout phase. 

In the Scene:
1. Duplicate your character (in the hierarchy) as a backup. 
2. Change the object to the hand as the parent.

3. Give the object the right start/scene- (local) position to prevent offset.

In UMotion
4. In config, select "Apply Scene Pose". 

5. In config, create the same setup for all the child objects to have bones.
6. Remove all the keyframes onwhich you applied "Update Position and Rotation keys".
7. Re-add all constraints on the keyframes you previously started constraint connections on. 

This fixed the offset and now results are consistent. 

For now I am wary of parenting to anything but hands with humanoid animations. 

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Hi Dave,

thank you very much for reaching out.

  1. Have you created that parent objects only inside UMotion or have you created them in your scene hierarchy first and then assigned your character to UMotion?
  2. Could you maybe show me a quick video demonstrating your issue? I don't really get it from reading the text sorry.
  3. Please note that when working with humanoid, you need to be aware of this systems technicalities and limitations. Your problem sounds very similar to this issue: https://support.soxware.com/en/communities/1/topics/1195-exported-animation-offset
    If you're doing this type of animation (with custom parents involved) humanoid is probably not the right choice. To me it sounds like due to the specific character setup the animation is only going to work for your specific character anyway so there is no point in using humanoid. Or do you share this animation with other characters? If that is not the case, you should definitely consider switching to generic as generic is lossless while humanoid introduces offsets/problems due to it's internal re-targeting mechanisms.

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Well I'm doing a lot of mocap blending between multiple characters so it's kinda helping me out.

In the humanoid skeletal hierarchy, what's the perfect location to scene-parent an object for the use of both hands? 

Thank you so much Peter, I bet humanoid is a huge head-ache to deal with lol 

In the humanoid skeletal hierarchy, what's the perfect location to scene-parent an object for the use of both hands?

This depends on the held object/situation. If you e.g. parent the object to the right hand, then the offset of right hand to object is always precisely correct but the left-hand to object might show offsets due to the re-targeting errors. I would go for this route if you have something like a two-handed gun.

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