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Non-Humanoid Bone Animation

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Sorry in advance for the long post, I did the best I could to explain the issue clearly with the least amount of words :-)

I have been using animation of non-humanoid bones for a while, by configuring their visibility in  uMotion config and then animating as normal.

I now have changed the hierarchy of my characters from this:

- Character Root (with Animator component)

-- Rig Root

--- DEF-Spine

To This:

- Character Root (with Animator component)

-- Character Object

--- Rig Root

---- DEF-Spine

The change allows me to decouple the character logic stored at its root from its graphic object (rig and meshes), which can now be "attached" to the logical implementation of the character.

As a result of this change, now non-humanoid bones are exported by uMotion as "Character Root/Character Object/Rig Root/..." whereas Unity Animator expects their path to be relative to the rig's parent regardless of the Animator location in the hierarchy, i.e. "Character Object/Rig Root/..."

My workaround is for now to put a temporary Animator object in "Character Object" and use that as uMotion character reference, so that uMotion will then export the animation paths in a compatible format with Unity.

Is my woraround the only solution in this case or is there another way to keep uMotion and Unity aligned on how they manage non-humanoid bone paths?


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thank you very much for your support request.

Interesting situation. I always thought that transform paths in an animation always need to be relative to the Animator component. Until today I wasn't aware that there is a situation where this isn't the case. Your situation might be a special case that is currently not considered in the UMotion animation exporter.

May I ask you to create a small example Unity project that demonstrates your situation so that I can further dig into this and if necessary implement a solution?

Thank you very much.

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Forgot to mention: Please send the example project via the email support form. If the file size is too big for the email form (> 20MB), you can request a link to my dropbox via email.

Thank you very much.

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Hi Peter, thanks for the quick response, as always you're on top of every support request. I'll put together a quick example (my in-game setup is too bloated for this) and will send it over later. 


Working on fix

Thank you very much for sending me the repo project. I'm able to reproduce the issue and am investigating how to fix it.

This might take a bit, so I recommend to keep using your existing workaround in the meantime.

Thanks for reporting this issue, I appreciate the time you've put into this report.

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Great, thanks for the update