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Clipname with folders

SwingingTom 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

As export folder is done for the whole UMotion project, some kind of animations assets could use a structural location.

Animations such as, "Movements", "Attacks", etc could have their own directory.

When setting clip name with something such as "Movements/Walk01" we think we could resolve/workaround the "one export folder" per UMotion project.

But this lead to a failure

Image 877

Image 878

Image 879

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Perfect !

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thank you very much for your support request.

UMotion currently does not support creating folders that don't exist in the export path. The error message is correctly indicating that. Exporting should work if you create the new folder before exporting. Does the export work for you if you create the missing folders manually?

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Ho! I didnt get that point !

So in fact, I can name my clips "Poses/Foo" & "Movements/Bar" if folders "Poses/" & "Movements/" already exists !

That's completely responds to my primary needs ! 

Have a great day.