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Cancelling Display Dialog : This should not be called when a View's DrawRect Method is in progress

respam 1 month ago updated by Peter - Soxware Developer 1 month ago 3

I was able to use UMotion with my current setup for a while, I made a couple of animations and then it suddenly stopped working with new models I tried to animate, a few days later I couldn't even open the same model that worked initially. This is the error I keep getting:

Cancelling Display Dialog : This should not be called when a View's DrawRect Method is in progress
UnityEditor.EditorUtility:DisplayDialog(String, String, String, String)

It triggers when I try to select a GameObject from the Pose Editor, the dialog shows and when I select the object I want to work with nothing shows up and this error comes in the console.

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thank you very much for your bug report.

Very strange, never heard of that before (and wasn't able to reproduce it in a quick test). Please try to create a new empty Unity project, copy UMotion and your character into that project and see if it works there.

  • If it does not work in the empty project, please *.zip the project and send it to me.
  • If it does work, then it might be related to something in your current project. An easy way to find out whats causing it, is to duplicate your whole project folder. Then start deleting unrelated stuff from the project. Maybe some other editor extensions or Unity packages are causing this. If you end up with a completely empty project (only containing UMotion, the UMotion project and the character) and it still does not work, please *.zip it again and send it to me.

You can send the file via the email support form (or request a link to my Dropbox via email).

Thank you very much and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

PS: What operating system are you working on (windows, mac or linux)?

Best regards,


Hi Peter, thanks for the quick turnaround.

Very strange indeed, I couldn't find any reference online, I tried what you recommended, and not only works perfectly fine in a separate project, it does work fine in a different scene within the same project so there's definitely something there causing this issue so I'll go back and duplicate the scene and start deleting stuff, I'll come back with my findings for future reference.

BTW I'm on a Mac running macOS Catalina 10.15

In my experience, Unity's UI implementation is a bit buggy on mac OS (had to report quite a few Mac OS related UI bugs to Unity in the past, that all got confirmed by them). Updating your Unity 2020.1 installation might help (or going back to the 2019 LTS version).

If you find a way to get it reproduced in a test scene, I can take a closer look.

Best regards,