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Setting the value of a property in the channels section of the pose editor can be problematic when there is some tool in place to manually set its value, for example an editor script that uses handles.

It would be good for the property to read the value that it has before attempting to change it with the current value that uMotion has. Either to have it as an option per property that can be enabled, or for all of them.

Another option would be a way of signaling uMotion channels with values from an editor script.

Here is a video that shows the problem: https://streamable.com/sga7j
And here is another video that shows the Unity animation tool detecting the changes and keyframing them: https://streamable.com/6qcvk

Thank you!

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Hi ashkatchap,
thanks for your feature request.

That's a really cool eye controlling component!

The property value is indeed not read back at the moment. I'm going to add this to my to-do list but please be aware that it might take a bit until this is going to be implemented as my to-do list is already quite long. Thanks for your patience.

Best regards,
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Thank you for considering it! I think it can speed up certain workflows.

I am not in a hurry, I understand those type of to-do lists myself.

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