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The IK handles in are pointing in the direction of the bone rotation, so if I rotate the foot for example, the handles get messed up when  I want to move them later.

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Hi espumasducles,
thank you very much for your support request.

The IK Setup Wizard sets up your IK Handles in such a way that they can have two states:

  • Not Pinned (initial state): The IK handles of the feet are a child of the Hips thus move with the character.
  • Pinned: The IK handles are a child of the root Game Object thus act as if they are pinned in world space.

You can change the IK pinning state in the "Channels" view of the Pose Editor, or you can change the configuration of the IK configuration manually to make the IK handles always a child of the root GameObject.

All the necessary information regarding both solutions can be found in these video tutorials:

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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Hey Peter, thanks for the quick reply, unfortunately my issue still persists, what I want is for the unity handles to always point on world space direction, no matter how much I rotate the IK handle, so "up" is always "up" and not relative to the bone's rotation.

Here's a picture of what happens, along with my current configuration.


Thanks again for the support, much appreciated

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Ah OK. You need to change the pivot of you tools to "Global" (see "Tools" --> "Pivot" in the Pose Editor).

Best regards,

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