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"Mirror the whole animation" is a very important feature that should not be missing.

Your software would highly benefit from such a feature. It's a very widely spread technique among animators to easily mirror animations.

Thanks! :)

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Hi Tommy,
thanks for your feature request.

While mirroring the whole animation is currently not supported in UMotion, you can mirror humanoid animations directly in Unity (select the animation and enable the mirror flag in the inspector). This can be done before you import an animation clip or after you exported it from UMotion.

What's already supported in UMotion is copying animations from one side of the model to the other (see "Copy To Ohter Side" and "Mirror Editing").

I have more advanced animation mirroring on my list but it currently has no schedule.

Best regards,
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A function to mirror an animation would be a great feature to add. Please don't forget about it on your list :)

I've a quadruped (a deer) I've done my turn left animation and although I can copy some of the pose to the other side (its neck and leg movements), the spine rotation is a huge part of the animation. Currently I'm just going through each key and manually noting their value and then 'mirroring' across the Y rotation axis (0 to 359.679 becomes 0 to 0.321)... for each key on each keyed bone. Works, but very laborious. Would be great to have a tool that automates the process.
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Hi baroquedub,
thanks for reaching out.

I haven't forgot about it smiley I completely understand the usefulness of this feature. There is a lot of stuff going on at the moment (related to UMotion and another project) so I can't make any promises if and when this feature will be implemented.

Best regards,

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