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Hello again,

I was struggling copy-pasting all of the keyframes (dopesheet) from one animation clip to a blank new one. When pasting, many properties wouldn't get their keyframes pasted. Then i realized it was because the new animation clip had different rotation modes on some properties than the one i was copying the keyframes from. So i had to manually go and make sure all rotation modes of the new clip matched the ones from the old animation clip.

Is it possible to have an option to automatically change the rotation mode when copy-pasting? Maybe a flag in the options panel, or maybe prompting a message box where UMotion asks the user if he/she wants to proceed and change the rotation modes in order to match the source ones, or not paste the keyframes with mismatching rotation mode?

Thanks for your support,



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Hi Andrea,
thanks for your feature request.

Update: Implemented in UMotion V1.18.

That's indeed a valid point. I've put that on my to-do list.

Best regards,

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