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If implemented shortcut keys like blender, more easy to create animations in unity editor.

(example, if it pushed Rotate key bone start rotation following mouse move)

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thanks for your feature requests.

Shortcuts are already implemented. When you are hovering any UI element in a UMotion window, the appearing tooltip informs you if the button currently has a shortcut assigned. The default shortcut mapping is kept similar to the existing shortcuts in Unity.

You can change the shortcut mapping to be more close to how Blender has mapped them by clicking on Edit --> Preferences in the UMotion Clip Editor.

Shortcuts are also covered in this video tutorial episode: (2) Pose Editor - 1:17

The rotation tool is designed to be similar to what people are already used to from within Unity (thus the bone is not following the mouse like in the rotation tool of Blender).

If you have any further questions regarding this topic, don't hesitate to comment below.

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