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I find myself wanting to select multiple ik foot objects within the scene to manipulate. Would be awesome to be able to multi-select specific objects with something like a SHIFT-LMB or CTRL-LMB if at all possible. :)

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Hi ionside,
thanks for your feature request.

Multi-selecting is possible in the scene view: [CTRL] + [LMB] adds (or removes) bones to the selection. [SHIFT] + [LMB] selects all child bones of the clicked bone.

If that is not working for you which UMotion version, operating system and Unity version are you using?

Best regards,
commented by Rookie (210 points)
Oh, it's completely working! I'm sorry, it didn't seem to be working before but perhaps I was unintentionally messing my key presses up. Sorry about that!
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Ahh I found out the issue is because I also have Curvy addon in the project and pressing [SPACE] also activates "Draw Spline" in Curvy spline while animating.

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