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First of all, thanks for developing UMotion, it's a very useful piece of software!

One thing that really bugs me is the need to select the bone/handle/whatever i'm animating either by selecting it in scene view or by alt + lmb in the clip editor.

It would be very cool if we had an option to activate the "auto-selection mode" of the objects just by clicking on a keyframe or on a property in the clip editor without the need of a shortcut. This should only select the object, not make the scene view camera focus/zoom on it as it now works when alt + lmb.

I hope someone else finds this helpful as well!

Thanks a lot,


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Hi Andrea,
thanks for your feature request and for your nice words!

I also think that this would be useful and I've added it to my internal to-do list. Unfortunately that list is already quite long so I can't promise anything right now.

Best regards,
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Sure, no problem! I'm glad you've found it to be a good idea. Looking forward to see the next improvements! Great work so far.



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