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When I use 'IK pinned',I get a foot position problem...

Thanks in advance! 

It's Ok. but other frame...

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Official Update: This bug is fixed in UMotion V1.12p02 (released soon on the Unity Asset Store).

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thanks for reaching out.

That looks like a bug. Could please you send me a unity project that includes just everything I need to reproduce this issue via the email support form.

Thank you very much.

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I'm experiencing the same bug.

While working with the IK Pinned flag, it's quite tricky to get things to work without having limbs messing up.

Ideally, if i had to animate a walk cycle, i'd pin a foot while on ground, then un-pin it when lifted off and pin the other one. I've never succeeded without limbs messing up the same way as AgainMe posted, having to move and rotate things back in position by hand (thus, making the pinning functionality much less useful).
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Hi Andrea,
thanks for providing additional information.

This bug is fixed in UMotion V1.12p02. You can contact me with you invoice ID via the email support form so that I can send you the patch immediately (Asset Store reviews take ~2 days).

Best regards,

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Hi Peter,

Again, thanks for your great support. The IK Pinned functionality is now working correctly! I wanted to reply here on the forum instead of replying your email because i feel like this should be a testament of your commitment to the project.



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