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I noticed that when you import an animation clip from an FBX file and then export it, it completely removes the settings you have set in the clip like Bake Into Pose etc, I thought that it cannot be transfered to uMotion, so I set all of the Bake into Pose settings for the exported by uMotion clip, but then I tried to export my clip again (overriding the last export) and the clip settings were not lost.

Is there a way to transfer all of the clip settings from an FBX file to uMotion and keep them when you export? I make some adjustments before I import into uMotion (Bake into Pose mainly) and then all of the data is lost.

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thank you very much for reaching out.

When you export a *.anim clip for the first time, UMotion is setting it up using default values. If you then change the settings of that *.anim file in the Inspector, UMotion will not overwrite these settings when exporting the *.anim again. Is this not the case?

I could theoretically add all these clip settings to UMotion's clip settings. But that would mean that one that changes them in the *.anim file would overwrite these settings when exporting the clip from UMotion again which might be confusing for some users.

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It works great now, but I was asking instead of setting to the default values when you export for a first time, can you transfer the values that were already set in the FBX animation clip? Or have a checkbox that will either import these values from the FBX or set them to default (when you start importing clips).
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Currently not planned but I've added it to my "ideas for the future" list.

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