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my animated animal is up after having added a root motion to the animation

I have a generic (not legacy) animation like run for my animal. It is an in-place animation. I copied it and added a root motion to the clip to make it a root motion animation. The root motion works, but on terrain, the animal doesn't go down along the slope . It runs up in the air, not on the terrain. The animal has a Rigibbody attached (500 kg plus gravity and freeze rotation) and collider attached.

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thanks for your support request.

You might want to try the following: Instead of exporting your animation as *.anim, export it as *.fbx (that can be changed by clicking on the gear icon = the settings button).

Then in select the exported *.fbx in Unity's Project Window and open the Inspector Window. Click on the "Animations" tab. Try to enable "Bake Into Pose" for the "Root Transform Position (Y)":

Btw. I've also found this thread in the Unity forum: https://forum.unity.com/threads/solved-root-motion-with-rigidbody-and-gravity.351726/

Please let me know if that solves your issue.

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The option bake into pose is also available if you export as .anim.
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Yes but currently only when exporting a humanoid animation as *.anim. The op is asking for generic clips which generally also offer that option but not for clips exported by UMotion at the moment. UMotion would need to export the root curve in a different way than how it's currently doing it (see http://support.soxware.com//708/missing-inspector-settings-after-export) to make that option visible. This will probably be changed in a future version.

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Thank you, Peter, the problem solved!

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