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I have a long animation clip containing 7-8 animations and I want to split it before exporting into animation clips, because it exports as one long clip and I cannot split it. I know I can export as FBX but the rotation of the hands of my character is not accurate and the blendshapes are not working. Is there already a way to split an animation before exporting?

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thanks for your feature request.

I'm working on a "crop" feature for the next update. That will allow you to crop an animation to the part you've selected for playback (i.e. the white arrows shown in the time ruler). So the process would be to duplicate the long animation clip (copy all keys, create a new clip, paste all keys; also working on a duplicate button to simplify this), then crop it to the desired length ultimately splitting up the animation.

Automatic splitting a clip when exporting is currently not planned as the designated approach is to have only one animation per clip.

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Good to see you are working on it, is it possible instead of duplicating the long clip to just crop the animation let's say from frame 450-500 and have that as a new clip in uMotion? Or instead of actually cropping the original long clip, select a start and end frame and duplicate that in a new clip?
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That's a good idea, I'm adding that to my list.

Best regards,

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