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This is not really a request I just wanted to give this idea in case you want to implement it in the future. My idea is to use uMotion in a separate application outside of Unity. I know that it's true power is to work in Unity, but there are assets like World Creator that moved to a separate application and you can still export your Unity scene to their app and edit the terrain then export back to Unity. The reason I am suggesting this is because Unity Editor is insanely slow, I have a high end PC and Im working on a big project, it's not impossible to use it but it's really slow.

I just wanted to give this idea in case you want to do this one day and look at what World Creator did.

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Hi Skinwalker,
thanks for sharing this idea.

I think one of the main reasons why the Unity editor is so slow, is because of the legacy IMGUI system used by every editor window. With the 2019 release cycle Unity is complete re-doing that GUI system so let's hope that this will also improve performance.

Shipping UMotion as a separate application requires to get rid of all dependencies to the Unity Editor API (as these are not available in a built application). Some parts of UMotion heavily use this editor API.

Maybe I will offer a UMotion as separate application too, but at the moment I don't have such plans.

Best regards,

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