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I have a very long animation about 160 seconds and it has lots of keys. I am trying to import it inside uMotion but its taking hours and at the end, Unity froze and I had to restart it. I have a high end PC. The reason why the animation is that long is because it contains different clips that I will later split, but first I want to change the blendshapes on all of the animations and then export as one big animation and split it into small pieces. Is there a way I can transition data between different animations in uMotion? Say I have 5 idle animations and I want all of them to change a certain blendshape and a bone rotation, can I transition this information from 1 animation to the other 4?

By changing the bone rotation I mean adding a new Additive layer and overriding the current animation.

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Hi skinwalker,
thanks for your support request.

At the end of this week I'm planning to finish a UMotion update that comes with some major performance improvements. Importing animation clips with 160 seconds and more is no problem in that update.

Please note that the Asset Store will take another 2 working days to finish the Asset Store review. So if you send me an email with your invoice id (via the email support form), I can send you the update directly on Friday saving you some time.

Thanks for your patience.

Best regards,

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I will send you an email on Friday.

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