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hello, I bought today Umotion.

but when I create file and import animation clip(many frames), always crash and 'Unity bug report window' appears...

sometimes I get a message 'Too many heap sections'.

I purchased it to modify the animation(motion capture)...

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi Kim SH,
thank you very much for your bug report.

UPDATE: Fixed in UMotion V1.12.

There is currently a memory related problem when importing larger mocap clips. I'm aware of this issue and am working very hard on a fix. I have an updated version with an improved memory model up and running, but as I had to change a lot of things I will need a few days of intensive testing. I'm thus expecting to ship this update next Friday (June 29th).
Could you send me your invoice ID via the email support form, so that I can send you the update immediately when it's ready?

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience and I'm doing my very best to get this resolved as fast as possible.

Best regards,

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Thank you very much.

I really appreciate your kindness.

I hope that good things always happen to you!

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