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I believe I have followed the first part of the guide "Editing Existing Animations".

1. I create a project in UMotion

2. I add the character to the Pose Editor

3. I import the clip attached to the character's animator controller

4. I add a new layer

5. I move the character in the Scene in Unity to fit with the environment

6. I add the keys to the new layer

7. I export the clip

8. I add the new clip to the animator controller

But the character in the Game in Unity is still in the original place!??

What am I doing wrong? 

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Hi Theis,
thank you very much for your support request.

Is you're character configured as humanoid or as generic?

But the character in the Game in Unity is still in the original place!??

I assume your character is configured as humanoid. Are you changing the starting position of your character by changing the hips (which are the root motion bones)? In that case I would check the root motion settings of your exported animation clip (select it in Unity's Project Window and check the Inspector):

You will need to set "Based Upon" to original in order to use the start offset from the animation clip. By default, Unity takes the model's center of mass as starting position along the X and Z axis.

PS: These settings are saved even if you are exporting your animation clip again.

Please let me know if that solves your issue.

Best regards,

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Hi Peter

Thanks for your help with this. It worked perfectly!!!

It is a humanoid, and it is the hips I am changing.

And it is helping to set the Root Transformation Position (XY) in the exported clip to Original.

Best regards


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