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Goal: to reduce the curves to tue local minimal/maxima


1. Then I can use my ras Motion captures More easily

2. It is easier to change motions and adapt the motion to different environments

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Hi Fritz,

thanks for your feature request.

When importing a humanoid animation, UMotion is already reducing the keys. Since UMotion V1.01 you can even decide if the reduction should be "lossy" or "lossless".

At the moment there is no setting to define the allowed local error (like Unity does in its key frame reducer). The reason is that defining a local error isn't really a good approach. For the foot position for example, the local error of the hips, upper leg and lower leg sum up. Thus already a small local error would cause the leg to jitter noticeable. Defining a global error for feet and hands would be a better approach.

The lossy mode is already on the border where you start to notice that the feet start to jitter. Reducing more keys would mean that the quality gets worse (maybe not use able more).

I'm trying to improve on the workflow of editing existing keys to make it an easier task even if there are quite a few keys. The idea is to create a tool that allows updating multiple keys at the same time.

Best regards,


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