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Just wanted to say nice job on implementing the export feature. I know it's very new, but thought of something that would be infinitely useful for myself and others.

It works except one tiny hitch, for export options it would be great if you could add a scale based on unitys. For instance for Unreal and Maya, they use centimeters as opposed to Unity using meters, so exporting the animation and importing into either of those causes a lot of deformation on the mesh.

If it were exported with each frame bone location divided by 100, I'm pretty sure it will work.
Thanks for your time!

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Hi Johnson,
thank you very much for your feature request.

Can you send me a screenshot of your export settings?

Which Unity version are you using?

For *.FBX files you can set a global import scale in the import settings of the *.FBX file (select the file in Unity's project window --> the settings are displayed in the Inspector). If you export the animation into an existing *.FBX file it should use the same scaling as used in the original file. If you export the animation as separate *.FBX file it should export the animation as centimeters (if I remember correctly).

A different behavior might not be intended...

Best regards,

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