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Usually with rigs, there's just one bone for a single arm or leg, but my rig has 2 bones for one leg limb so when they twist they deform more accurately.

Are there any problems with UMotion with multiple boned limbs ?

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thanks for your support request.

When you use the character as Unity "humanoid", please note that the additional bones aren't visible anyway (as Unity "humanoid's" don't support them). If configured as "generic" you can edit the twist bones just like you would do in Blender. The IK constraint can be set up in such a way, that it only bends the knee.

See IK Setup Wizard for "generic":

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thank you, Worked very nicely. IK doesn't have any problems with multiple bones on single limbs.

Is there a way to animate multiple characters at the same time? I saw in the new features trailer video that you can sync the uMotion timeline with the unity animation timeline but I don't think it allows you to make animations of two or more characters at the same time.
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Great to here that IK is working for you as expected.

The only way to animate multiple characters at the moment is via synchronizing with Timeline. But as you've already mentioned, it's only possible to edit one character at a time (and preview the animation on the other one). This might change in the future but I can't promise anything right now.
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Yeah, animating multiple rigs would be awesome :)

Is it possible to set a pinned IK for different parts of the body other than hands and foot, like a pinned IK for the head?
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Yes this is possible. Switch into config mode and select the IK handle. Then open the "Constraints" tab and in the "Child Of Constraint" disable the "IK Pinning Mode" checkbox. This changes the Pinning on/off toggle to a "Parent" property (where you can select nearly anything as parent).

More information:

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Thanks for the fast replies :) This product is as awesome as its technical support :D
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Sorry for the non-stop questions but I'm trying to use uMotion as effective as possible while learning more about it.

Is it possible to rotate the middle bones I mentioned in the first question to bend half way to compensate for the limb rotations? I mean that my single arm rig has 2 bones. Typically an arm has just 1 bone. So if I wanted to rotate a single bone arm in a typical rig 90 degrees, I can just rotate that bone 90 degrees but since I have 2 bones in one arm is it possible to rotate them 45 degrees individually so they make up 90 degrees?
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Unity's humanoid animation system does not support these second bones ("twist bones"). You can try to compansate the rotations by adding a little bit of the rotation to the ellbow joint (that's what Unity does when importing a generic animations that has a twist bone as humanoid).

Another possibility would be that you duplicate your original model (in Unity's Project Window) and configure the duplicated one as generic. Then animate the model in a UMotion "generic" project. This will allow you to animate any bone you like (also the twist bones).

Then export the animation as *.FBX and in the import settings of the *.FBX you change the animation type to humanoid. Please note that the humanoid animation will still not be using your twist bone. Instead it bakes its affect into the rotation of the wrist and the ellbow joint. The resulting animation will thus look slightly different.

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