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I was using UMotion in 2017.4 and it worked perfectly. But I tried it in new 2018.1.2f1 projects, and after importing the UMotion assets the Window/UMotion Editor doesn't appear, so I can't setup the Clip Editor and Pose Editor... Does someone know how to fix this ?

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thanks for reaching out.

Do you get any error messages in the console?
Have you tried installing UMotion again and restarting Unity?

I just created an empty project in Unity 2018.1.2f1 and imported the latest UMotion version (V1.11) from the asset store. For me it seems that everything is working as expected.

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Thanks for the fast response ;)

I tried reinstalling UMotion and restarting unity, but I got the console errors :

Unloading broken assembly Assets/Editor Default Resources/UMotionApplication.dll, this assembly can cause crashes in the runtime

Unloading broken assembly Assets/Editor Default Resources/UMotionEditor/UMotionEditor.dll, this assembly can cause crashes in the runtime

Since it seems tied to the way Unity 2018 handles assemblies, I tried updating Visual Studio to the latest version but it didn't solve anything.

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Do you see any other error messages than the already mentioned ones (make sure that "Collapse" button is highlighted)?

Please open the manual (see "Editor Default Resources/UMotion Editor/Manual") and check if the UMotion version in the top left corner equals V1.11. Sometimes the asset store lets you think that you download the latest version but in reality you download an older one.

There was a similar question in the past that you might also want to check out:


Does UMotion work in an empty project for you (in Unity 2018.1.2f1)?

If so, you could try to duplicate your whole Unity project and start deleting plugins/assets until UMotion works again. The last thing you've deleted before it worked might by the cause of the issue.

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