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After I set UP the IK using the IK Setup Wizard I imported an animation to try the IK feature, but the IK bones that are blue are not matching the gray imported animation bones, the blue IK bones are in T pose while the gray imported animation bones are matching the animation, I don't know what to do now, my character is humanoid, I will appreciate any help I would like to edit the animation using the IK feature.

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Hi Jose,
thanks for reaching out.

The grey bones represent the "Forward Kinematics Rig" while the blue bones represent the "Inverse Kinematics Rig". When you import an animation clip using the default settings, it will always be imported as "Forward Kineamtics" animation. You can convert an already imported animation to IK by clicking on "Edit --> Convert FK to IK" in the Clip Editor. It is also possible to import the animation clip again but enable the "Convert FK to IK" setting in the Import dialog.

The following video tutorials will provide further information:
UMotion Pro Tutorial - Inverse Kinematics
UMotion "In Practice" - Editing Existing Animations

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Best regards,

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