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UMotion is a fantastic tool which has allowed us to skip Maya and do all of our animation directly in Unity. The feature set is wonderful, but my animation team is requesting some workflow adjustments that would save clicks and time.

It'd be useful to have the ability to click on an Animated Property numeric value in the Clip Editor to change it into an input field and modify it's value by typing in a number.

Currently, a similar result is possible but requires many more clicks.

For example, I want to modify the rotation of a Hand joint so that the localRotation.y is exactly 90-degrees.

The current workflow is:

  1. Select the Hand joint by clicking on it in the Scene panel (tricky when there are many other joints in close proximity)
  2. Go to the Pose Editor to view the Channel value for Local Rotation Y. See that the value is disabled.
  3. Go to the Clip Editor and scroll through the entire list of properties looking for the Hand joint Rotation property.
  4. Discover that Hand joint rotation is set to Progressive Quaternion Interpolation.
  5. Click the Gear icon > Rotation Mode > Euler Interpolation
  6. Return to the Pose Editor Channels.
  7. Type in the value of 90 for Local Rotation Y.
It'd be great if the workflow could be more like this:
  1. In the Clip Editor find the Hand joint Rotation property.
  2. Discover that Hand joint rotation is set to Progressive Quaternion Interpolation.
  3. Click the Gear icon > Rotation Mode > Euler Interpolation
  4. Click on the value for localRotation.y
  5. Type in 90
Over a large project, these small workflow improvements will save a lot of time, not to mention being more intuitive for new users.

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Hi Vincent,
I'm very impressed by the effort you put into your feature requests. Thanks a lot that helps me further improve an fine-tune UMotion.

I've put this on my internal "ideas for the future" list. I currently can't give this very high priority as there are other features that are more pressing.

Best regards,

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