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Would it be possible to add a feature to filter the list of Animated Properties in the Clip Editor? The current workflow of scrolling through a huge list of scale, rotation, and position for every joint in a rig, is quite time consuming.

Shift+C is useful for jumping to a modified property, but sometimes you just want to see all the properties that have keys, and hide all the properties that don't have keys.

Some useful filtering options would be:

  • Show all properties
  • Show only properties with keys
  • Show only properties whose joint names contain user-inputted characters e.g. typing in "Finger" would display joints: Finger1, Finger2, IndexFinger, FingerLickinGood, etc
  • Show only Scale properties
  • Show only Rotation properties
  • Show only Position properties
Thanks for your wonderful work on UMotion and your incredibly responsive reply time!

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Hi Vincent,
thanks for that detailed feature request and for your nice words.

That would indeed be a very useful feature. It is already on my roadmap (it was requested a few times in the past already) in will hopefully ship in one of the next updates.

Best regards,

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Wonderful, thanks for the quick response!

I look forward to using the new feature when it ships.
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As an addendum to this feature request, it would be great to have the properties automatically filtered when selecting a joint, so that only properties with keyframes associated with the selected joint would be visible.
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Thank you very much, I will think about this.

Please note that this whole properties filtering feature is delayed as I'm currently very busy with other UMotion related work packages. I hope you can apologize.

Best regards,

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