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I´m just starting with Umotion pro. I´m following the first steps tutorial, but after select the prefab to be animated (Robot Kyle) I´m getting a white square blinking around the model in the scene/ game view. I´m on Unity 2018.1 (Windows 10). Any idea? Thanks

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I got the same issue in my project. The problem seems to be some particle system embbeded to bones. I don't know where to find it, but if you turn off the Particle System visualisation in Editor Scene Window, the problem is gone.
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Hi Braulio,
thank you very much for your comment.

I've removed the suspicious particle system back in the V1.15 release. Please update to the latest UMotion version from the Asset Store (currently V1.16). This should fix the problem.

Best regards,
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Hi Gabe,
thank you very much for your support request.

I just tried using UMotion V1.10p04 on Unity 2018.1.0f2 (Win 10) but for me everything seems to be working as expected. Which Unity version are you using exactly (see Help -> About Unity..)?

Could you provide a screenshot or video showing the white square you've been talking about? Or could you provide a small Unity project that includes everything I need to reproduce this issue via the email support form?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

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Hi Peter.

Yes I will do that... Will send you a mail when I am ready to send you the project...
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Hi Peter...

I sent you a mail through the email support page but it doesn't appear to refresh when I click send... Did you receive it?
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Nope received nothing. Just checked the support form and it seems to work for me. Have you filled out all required fields? Below the "Send" button you usually get a message indicating if everything was ok or if an error occured (might require Javascript to be enabled in your browser).

Anyway you can email me directly via: support.assets@soxware.com
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I'm having the same issue on an empty project with just UMotion Community on it. I'm using Unity 2017.3.1f1 at the moment with Windows 7 Ultimate and Dx11. The version of UMotion is v1.12p01 wich i downloaded minutes before writing this. The plugin work as far as i can tell, just that "white square blinking" wich is very annoying to work with. Hope to see a fix soon becouse the plugin is very powerfull.
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Hi Alan,
thank you very much for providing further information on this.

Could you email me that empty project via the email support form, please? I'm currently not sure what's triggering this problem as till now I have never been able to reproduce this on my PCs.

Does it make a difference if you open that project in e.g. Unity 2018.1?


Best regards,

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