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The UMotion documentation seems to be missing on the AssetStore links.

I believe it was previously there prior to the May 16, 2018 update of your software.

Is there a download link for the written Docs.


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I previously posted this question, but now see it is included in the Asset download. However, it would be helpful to prospective purchasers of UMotion to include a link on the Asset Store to the docs like you already do to your YouTube instruction videos.
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thanks for your support request.

The UMotion manual can be found by clicking on "Window / UMotion Editor / Manual" or by opening the "UMotionManual.html" file at "Assets/Editor Default Resources/UMotion Editor/Manual".

By clicking on any of the help buttons spread across the UMotion UI you can open the manual directly at the related page.

The reason why I'm not offering the documentation online is because you can get it by downloading the free UMotion Community edition. This saves me a bit of time as I don't have to upload the documentation to my homepage every time I'm releasing an update. Might change that in the future.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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