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It would be useful to be able to import an audio clip in to the clip editor so that animations can be timed perfectly with the audio.

I'm making an animation for an audio dialogue and in order to sync this I need to guess the right frame for the key, export the animation clip, play the scene and study the animation with the audio clip to see if I got it right.

Great job with the UMotion asset! I bought UMotion Pro and it has saved me a lot of time so far in my current project.

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Hi David,
thank you very much for your feature request.

Did you know that you can synchronize UMotion with Unity Timeline? Just create a new Timeline and drag & drop your audio file in there. In UMotion you can click on Sync --> Unity Timeline --> No Offset.

Unity Timeline is not able to preview the audio either, but according to Unity this is planned. What's really helpful though is that Timeline displays the waveform of the audio clip.

I'm sorry but I think loading audio files into UMotion is a too specific feature and as such I think it's not economical to implement it. Furthermore I think it's not possible (or not easy) to play audio while the editor is not playing (that's probably why Unity Timeline is not doing it right now).

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
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Thanks for the timeline sync advice. I didn't know about that. That is helpful.

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