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Human bone mapping for human bones "Hips" is not unique: Found multiple transforms named "Hips" is an error I'm getting. I'm not sure what's causing it actually. I only have one hip bone on the model. It is because of that I'm not able to animate my character gameobject. What am I doing incorrectly in this case?


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thanks for your support request.

According to this error there is a second bone somewhere in the hierarchy of your GameObject named "Hips". Please expand the whole hierarchy in order to check that (hold ALT then click on the arrow to collapse/expand all).

If you can still not find a bone named "Hips", could you please send me a Unity project that contains just your model so that I can take a closer look at this issue. You can send that project via the email support form. Thanks.

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Yup, just found that stray bone. Apparently, it was on the bat model that was deactivated on the character. Not sure why it was called Hips. :V

Thanks for the help!

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