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An other one feature that can be a great time saver

To be able to save preset of our character setup rig


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Hi goudz,

I just wanted to give an official update on this topic (I know that you already know this info from the beta group).

With UMotion V1.02 which was released today the IK Setup Wizard is introduced. This wizard allows setting up IK rigs with just a few clicks. You can save the settings made in this wizard as preset and reuse it in a different UMotion project. I think this feature comes very close to what you've requested.

You can update to UMotion Professional V1.02 via the Asset Store.

Again thanks for the feature request and don't hesitate to contact me on any future requests.

Best regards,


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Hi gaudz,

thanks again for your feature request.

Yes I know that this would be a great time saver but it's technically very difficult to implement. Here's why:

Characters can be quite different (different bone names, different number of bones, different proportions or even completely different anatomy). To save a setup as preset, it would be needed to "retarget" the setup from one character to the other. This might work with humanoids to a certain degree, but will be nearly impossible for generic characters, monsters, etc.

To share the setup for exactly the same character I would propose to copy the project and delete all clips in the new project. A button to delete all clips is shipped in the V1.01 update.

Best regards,

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Well, this feature (applying automatically a full, and very much more sophisticated IK system, HumanIK, to every kind of skeleton hierarchy from any source) exists for more than ten years in MotionBuilder .

-since 90% of the people uses Humanoid to animate...humans, you can start from that most important case.

-since there is not one million skeletons hierarchies (biped nomenclature for Max, Blender Armature, Maya and a few others from main 3D packages) this feature is very easy to implement. You can give it as generic presets in UMotion, and give the possibility to save custom skeleton presets as a simple text file, and re-use it for any character from the same software.
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Hi Eric Venn,

thanks for your input, I really appreciate that.

Automatic setup of IK rigs is planned for the next release: See Road Map

A HumanIK system (with push/pull support) is on my internal road map, but is not planned for the very near future.

Anyway, I think what gaudz meant in his original post was the ability to store all configurations you can do in UMotion today as a preset and then reuse them with a different model. This is something that can get very complicated (think of how UMotion should know how e.g. a configuration should map from 1 spider model to another if they have different bone names, rig hierarchy,...). For humanoids this might work to some extent as you have the "Humanoid Avatar" which already maps bones to body parts (e.g. "Bone0031" --> "Right Arm"). This would make it possible to map the settings you can set for those bones to another model. These are the settings you can set for these bones today:

  • Visibility
  • Visualization Size
  • Parent Link Style

I think none of those are commonly changed from their default values (for bones that mapt to human body parts). Thus I think this is not what both of you are looking for.

The most time intensive configuration work is building the IK rig (creating the custom bones/transforms, setting up the IK constraint). This is what will be done automatically for humanoids in the next version.

If you have some other use cases in mind, I would love to discuss them.

Btw. for generic models the automatic IK setup will also work (you can define how the IK rig should be set up and save that as a preset). Keep an eye on the Unity Forum thread, I will post some updates on this feature as I progress.

Best regards,


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