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I am using the latest version of UMA - a dynamic character system ( Free asset in the asset store) and need to correct some animations for it.  It uses a Humanoid rig (uMotion recognizes that), but gives the above error when dragging the model to the pose editor.

I am brand new to uMotion - I purchased it specifically to help with this...

Can you possibly provide some assistance with getting it to work with UMA?


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thanks for reaching out.

The reason why you get this error message is because UMotion needs some information of the original model for some internal things to operate correctly. If you're model was dynamically created, these information is missing.

What you could try is that you download Unity's FBX exporter and export your character to *.FBX. Then use that *.FBX character (also configured as humanoid) for creating the animations. Please let me know if that works for you.

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The FBX export did not work... crashed with a dictionary missing key error...  Guess im out of luck.  I'll try to contact the UMA team and see if they can offer anything. thanks,
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I'm sorry to here that the FBX exporter didn't worked in your case.

If you provide a small unity example project that includes everything I need to reproduce this issue, I can take a closer look. I might find a way to overcome the current limitation. You can send me the example project via the email support form. Thanks!

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