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I'm working on a FPS Shooter and in order to maintain recoil and such I have split up my player skeleton into Legs and Arms. Both Skeletons are now obviously missing their counterpart, is there any way to still animate for example the arm skeleton? When I try to load it in it tells me the required bone "Hips" wasn't found and when I create a Generic Project then I don't have the ability to see it as "bones" but instead as cubes and also I can't use functions like reference position and I suppose IK will be messed up as well. Merging the two skeletons into one is not a solution that I want to go for, as already a lot of stuff is programmed on 2 separate skeletons and also I don't know how to handle stuff like recoil when I have 1 skeleton for the entire player body.

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thanks for your support request.

Humanoid characters can only be edited if they have a valid avatar and that is only valid if all required bones are present. In your case that condition isn't full filled. That requirement is necessary because some Unity functions used by UMotion require valid avatars to function properly. So if you want to keep those separated, using "generic" is the only possible way.

Please note that "generic" animations can't be re-targeted by Unity (that means that you can't reuse the same animation on multiple characters if they don't have the exact same rig).

UMotion visualizes transforms as bones, if they appear in a SkinnedMeshRender.bones array. But even if your bones are visualized as transforms (the cubes you've mentioned), animating them should still work as usual.

also I can't use functions like reference position and I suppose IK will be messed up as well.

The reference pose is just the position/rotation/scale of every bone/transform that it has in Config Mode. So unless there is a bug that I'm not aware of, this should function as usual. IK should also work just fine (if setup correctly). Could you provide more details on what's not working with the reference pose?

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Thanks for you fast response! Your answer was very helpful. I was a bit confused about the reference pose and the IK, but I now have figured it out. I think I will merge my arm and legs into one skeleton and do it again the "clean" way without having a split up skeleton. This will take some time to change, but should be worth at the end.
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Glad to here that everything is now working as expected. I also think that keeping the skeleton combined is a cleaner approach.

Don't hesitate to contact me in the future.

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